A roundtable discussion with industry experts about the art and science of video, film and post production.

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PreBirth »

Kanen sits down with Josh Jackson & Brian Tang - they talk about PreBirth, the movie, and the workflow behind writing, shooting and editing the short film.

The Song

This episode features the hit song, "Here We Go!" by Mike J. Nichols. Now available in iTunes for 99 cents!

The Editor

This episode of That Post Show was edited by Steve Etchie. He knows what he's doing when it comes to all things audio. Follow him on Twitter.


We are always looking for freelance artists, editors and VFX people who use Adobe Creative Cloud, including (and especially), Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition and, most recently, MAXON Cinema 4D. We are also (always) looking for listeners who are willing to write show notes for all our shows, including That Post Show. If you are interested, send us an email and we can discuss rates, upcoming work and the opportunity.

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Kanen Flowers

Kanen is the Creative Director (and troublemaker) behind That Studio, which includes That Post Show, Ruining it for Everyone, Sci-Fi Idols, Not Just a Movie and Hero Punk. He is also the Writer and Director of Jake Forgotten. You can follow him on twitter.

Josh Jackson

Josh is a motion graphics and VFX artist, living in New Jersey. His passion for storytelling began at seven years old, when he would obsessively draw comics, featuring his own cartoon creations. He now works as an editor for Trendsetter Media and Marketing, where he's done motion graphics work for artists such as Alex Aiono. Follow Josh on Twitter to keep up with him.

Brian Tang

Brian has been a storyteller all of his life. Beginning to tell stories with just his hands, he later upgraded to a camera and founded a StopMotionClub in High School – which wasn’t really a stop motion club, since they focused on film and video as well. Now, Brian is attending USC and excelling in cinematography, directing and editing. Brian intends to continue making films wherever the possibility arises. Check out more of Brian’s work on his YouTube page

Show Notes

Show notes for this episode were written by Maciek Kaliski. Follow him on Twitter.