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A Caring Rant »

On this episode of That Scruffy Post Show Kanen sits down with Christopher Harrington and Mike J. Nichols to discuss filmmaking in San Francisco, Kanen's move to Portland, clutching to Final Cut Pro 7, and hoarding outdated technology. It's a good one.

The Song

This episode features the hit song, "Here We Go!" by Mike J. Nichols. Now available in iTunes for 99 cents!


In case you didn't know it yet, Kanen is moving to Portland because it is so much better than San Francisco. Can't you just imagine Kanen putting a bird on it?

Kanen will be speaking at AfterEffects World 2013 which is in Seattle from Sept. 27-29th. Check out his session on Sunday, September 29th at 1pm.

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Audio Editing

This week's episode was edited by John Mangino. John is happy if he's editing, coloring, or shooting, and his name features a soft 'g'.


We are sponsored by Maxon, creators of Cinema 4D, one of the best and most useful 3D tools ever created. We even use it ourselves in many of the scenes in Hero Punk. Kanen would even go so far as to kiss it on the mouth which is okay since he has his own license. Get one for yourself today.

We are also sponsored by Red Giant Software. Red Giant makes amazing digital video plug-ins for compositing software and NLEs such as Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Nuke and Sony Vegas. They also make fantastic short flims showing how great their products are and just came out with an impressive new tool, Bullet Proof for managing your file based footage from camera to NLE.

Kanen Flowers

Kanen is the Creative Director (and troublemaker) behind Scruffy.TV, which includes That Post Show. Scruffy Thinking, Scruffy Shows and HERO PUNK. He is also the Writer and Director of Jake Forgotten. You can follow him on twitter, and check out his latest: Flight Club.

Christopher Harrington

Better known as @octothorpe on Twitter, Christopher Harrington (or CM as he prefers) is a highly opinionated senior information architect and user experience designer. He builds stuff, takes pictures, drinks beer, and occasionally gives people a hard time. He's from Korea, but sounds like he's from Cambridge... and not the one near Harvard.

Mike J Nichols

Mike is creator of 2 Guys Drinking At a Bar starring Kevin Farley and Paul Preston, the producer and editor of the television series Punk Payback starring Bas Rutten, airs on FOX’s FUELtv network, and is now available on iTunes. Mike is also the man responsible for The Phantom Edit - an unauthorized re-edit of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Oh, and he does our theme song.

Show Notes

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A Caring Rant

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