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Fancy Monkeys

On this special That Scruffy Post Show Kanen sits down with Stu Maschwitz and Merlin Mann on their second visit to the show! They discuss delegation, dealing with email and to do lists, assistants, and working hard to make being lazy possible. Does it get better than that?

The Song

This episode features the song "The Scruffy Thinking Show" by Andrew Ferris. You should check out his website for more information.


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The takeaway from this episode is to quit thinking you are smarter than your lizard brain. You're not. And Merlin is never busy, just time constrained.

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This show was edited by audio geek wonder girl Kristin Martin. She's still a little new to the Scruffy team but is by no means new to the audio/podcasting world. Follow her on Twitter.


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Kanen Flowers

Kanen is the Creative Director (and troublemaker) behind Scruffy.TV, which includes That Post Show. Scruffy Thinking, Scruffy Shows and HERO PUNK. He is also the Writer and Director of Jake Forgotten. You can follow him on twitter, and check out his latest: The Dark Knight Descends.

Stu Maschwitz

Stu is a filmmaker and accidental technologist. He runs a blog at He wrote the DV Rebel's Guide. Stu is also the Creative Director for Red Giant Software's Magic Bullet product suite.

Merlin Mann

Better known as @hotdogsladies, Merlin is the creator of Inbox Zero -- which doesn't mean what you think, trust me on this -- the co-host of Back To Work with Dan Benjamin and part of the ensemble comedy troupe, You Look Nice Today which was once featured on Quotidian Public Radio.

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Fancy Monkeys